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Gifts by Month

Calendar for months


We have lots of great ideas for gifts by month. 

Use the links below to go to the correct month and see what you can find.


 garnet ring

 January Gifts

 Take a look at this page to find several gift ideas for January. You  will also find links to the Celtic months Damh and Corr.

 amethyst butterfly

 February Gifts

 Violet is the colour for this month. Primroses and violets also  represent February.

 Ruby pendant

 March Gifts

 Amethysts, daffodills and the alder are some of the gifts that may  be purchased for the month of March. Check out the link for more.

 diamond ring in rose

 April Gifts

 Diamonds are a girls best friend, but there are many other gifts  that could be given in April.
 emerald ring

 May Gifts

 Give a gift of willow as this is the tree that represents the Celtic  sign Nathair. You will also find lots of other ideas for this month. 

 Ivory rose

 June Gifts

 June gifts include roses and pearls. You will find many other ideas  on this page.

 ruby gemstone

 July Gifts

 Pink gifts may be given to people celebrating their birthday in July.  Check out the link to find other gifts that might be given instead.

 peridot pendant

 August Gifts

 Peridot and sardonyx reprsent August. Too expensive? Then click  on the link to find out the flowers that may be given as a gift.

 september sapphire gift

 September Gifts

 Need inspiration for a unique gift? Then check out this link for  ideas and ways to create the perfect gift.

 aventurine gemstone

 October Gifts

 On this page you will find many jewellery ideas. Coordinate the  gift, using the color that represents October for the wrapping.

 November gift ideas

 November Gifts 

 Cailleach-oidhche and Bran are the Celtic star signs for November.  Use this link to find lots of gift ideas.

 light sapphire pendant

 December Gifts

 Find out why you can give a black pearl as a gift by clicking on  this link.  

We have created pages for each month suggesting many gift ideas. These ideas include Celtic birthstones and zodiac birthstones, along with the colour and flowers associated with the month.
There are also links to many useful pages where you will find more unique gift ideas. 

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