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Gemini Birthstone - Agate


banded agate


The zodiac sign Gemini birthstone is agate. As no two pieces of stone are the same gifts will be unique. The gemstone agate may also be given on the 14th wedding anniversary.

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Gemini Birthstone Agate Jewelry

Often agate is made into rings for men and smaller pieces may be made into ones for women. You are able to buy beautiful pieces of agate which has been carved to form cameo brooches and pendants. Bracelets are also available often with other stones intermingled.

Purchase a chain with Gemini as the center piece. Click on the link below to view this and other gifts suitable for this birth sign.

10K Yellow Gold Gemini Script Zodiac Pendant May 22 - June 22 with 16" chain

From: Elite Jewels Inc.


Sometimes the pieces of agate are large enough to be cut into bookends and other ornaments with a functional purpose. The agate is cut into two pieces and polished to give two perfectly fitting bookends.

Tea Light Holder

The larger pieces often have holes drilled in them to hold tea lights. The larger the piece the more tea lights that may be placed in them. Ideal as a small Gemini birthstone agate gift.

Books containing the word Agate

There are many books to choose from with the word agate in the title. One such book is 'On Agate Hill' a novel by Lee Smith.

Information For Agate

Nearly all agates occur as nodules in volcanic rocks. These were then filled partially or wholly by siliceous matter. The matter was deposited in regular layers on the walls. These agates when cut transversely show a succession of parallel lines. Giving agate its banded appearance. Such stones are known as banded or striped agate.

Many agates are hollow with the last deposit commonly consisting of quartz, often amethyst. The crystals are directed towards the free space forming a crystal-lined cavity or geode.

Industry today uses varieties of agate to make functional items such as pestles and mortars, inkstands, and seals. Agate may also be made into jewelry and used for the end of paper knives.

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