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February Gift Ideas


amethyst butterfly


For February gift ideas you have the amethyst which is the birthstone for this month. The amethyst is purple in color and is a form of quartz. If exposed to heat this stone may turn yellow, brown or green. Take a look at the other ideas suggested below.



Zodiac birthstones

The zodiac signs Aquarius (January 21st - February 19th) and Pisces (February 20th - March 20th) cover the month of February and have the garnet and amethyst as their birthstones.

Celtic birthstone

The Celtic star signs which cover the month of February are Corr (January 21st - February 17th) and Ron (February 18th - March 17th). These two signs have the birthstones peridot and the coral. The trees which represent Corr and Ron are the Rowan (Mountain Ash) and the Ash.


There are also flowers that represent February and they are the violet and the primrose.


Violet is the color for this month.

February Gift Ideas

amethyst ring

Amethyst - Amethyst jewelry is always a good gift to give. The piece may not be too expensive and there are plenty of lovely pieces to choose from. Cuff links and tie pins for the men and pendants, brooches, bracelets and earrings for the women. Ideal February gift ideas.

Garnet - Look out for titles with garnet in them. Check that the person you are purchasing the gift for will enjoy the gift. There are always plenty of jewelry to buy with garnets in them if you are really stuck for an idea of what to buy.

Peridot - This is a pretty green gem and you will find plenty of delicate jewelry made with peridot.

Coral - You may not wish to purchase gifts made of coral. There are many alternative ones you may wish to buy instead. Look out for gifts that are coral in color and give them instead.

Rowan - The berries are also used in making alcoholic drinks including a popular wine made in the Highlands of Scotland. Not to be out done the Welsh have been known to brew ale and the Irish have used them to flavor mead. It is also possible to make cider from them. You may be able to find some of these Rowan berry drinks for sale on the Internet. Also available to buy is Rowan berry jelly which is still made in Scotland and is traditionally eaten with game. The Rowan wood also makes excellent walking sticks as it is very strong and resilient.

Ash - Japanese Shoji screens are available made form Ash. You may also wish to give an Ash tree as a gift.

violet flowers

Violet Flowers - If the person you are purchasing the gift for has trees in their garden you may wish to buy them these plants to put beneath them. Very pretty in the spring especially if you have planted the violets along with primroses. You then have the contrast of colors between the yellow of the primrose and the violet of the other plants.

Primroses - Very delicate yellow flowers of the primula family. You will need to buy them as plants but once they have become established and they enjoy the area were they are planted they will soon multiply in number.

Violet - Violet is a color that most people are able to wear in one shade or another. So pick out a shirt and tie set for a man. A woman could be given a gift of a hat and scarf set in this color. Find books, DVDs and CDs with violet in the title or with the authors name being Violet. The color violet makes it easy to find ideal February gift ideas.

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Wrapping ideas

Find gift paper that is covered in violets and primroses. Place a ribbon of either violet or yellow round the gift. Another idea would be to use a plain colored paper in either violet or yellow and decorate the box with a ribbon of the opposite color. Take a look at our gift wrapping page for more ideas.


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