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Electronic Gadget Gifts




We have brought together a selection of electronic gadget gifts. Remember that you could combine a gift from this page with one from another page. For example a GPS with a weekend away to test the system. Men and even some women like their toys and electronic gadget gifts fit this description.


We hope the following suggestions will help you..


Why not buy a Global Positioning System? No more arguments in the car when you go the wrong way. You have a gadget to blame now for getting lost. No more getting stuck in traffic hold ups as it finds the quickest way around them. You can put places of interest on them so on a free weekend you can take your GPS get in the car and drive to one of these.

MP3 Players and iPods

Purchase one of these so that they carry around all of their music. The bigger the hard drive the more space they will have to store things. You can store your photos and take videos with some of the models on the market.

Televisions Ideal As Electronic Gadget Gifts

Treat him to a new flat screen or plasma TV. If there is a major sporting event coming up you may want to make sure that the man in your life is watching it on the very best possible device. When he invites his friends round to watch the action they will be have plenty to talk about. Maybe a new three piece suite as well would be pushing it a bit.

digital camera


How about a new digital camera. There is a wide range available and you will need to do some research to find out exactly what type to buy. You can get some really good pictures from some of the smaller cameras. Remember the smaller it is the easier it is to carry around with you. You may want to buy a stand alone printer specially for the photos being taken. If you think that they would like a digital SLR camera then you will need to spend a little more money. The pictures will be stunning and you may find this gives him a new hobby. Get them to create calenders from the photos for the rest of the family.


Catch up with the latest in the computer world. Buy the latest PC making sure it has all the features that the person receiving the gift will require. You should be able to find some really good packages to purchase which include the printer and sometimes a digital camera. You will also find plenty of electronic gadget gifts suitable to go with the computer which you will be able to purchase at a later date.

PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Buy a PlayStation 3 to keep him occupied whilst you go out and do all those girlie things you like to do. There are plenty of games to choose from including adventure, action, classic, fighting, flying, racing, simulation, sports and strategy.

Xbox 360

The Xbox does not just play games it also plays DVDs so you can watch your favorite films. You are also able to view your digital photos by connecting a camera to it. The Xbox is an MP3 player so you are able to listen to your music. As with the PlayStation there are lots of action packed games to choose from. Some of which will be easier than others. This will keep him out of mischief.

Musical Instruments

Electronic gadget gifts of instruments include electric guitars, drum kits and keyboards. Being electronic you can often practice with head phones on without disturbing the neighbors. You will need to purchase these at the same time as the gift otherwise you will have to put up with some noise for a short time.

DVD Player and Recorder

Buy a DVD player and recorder so that he can record all those programs he loves to watch (he can record them whilst he his taking you out somewhere special). With the ability to copy recordings to disc you can compile a mini library of the films and programs you both love to watch.

audio speakers

Audio Equipment

Buy a sub woofer or some tweeters to go with the audio equipment. Ideal electronic gadget gifts for the music enthusiasts. Make sure the neighbors are out when you give the gift as the person receiving it will wish to try it out straight away. Or invite them round to enjoy a glass of wine or champagne whilst trying out the system.

Home Cinema Systems

Buy a home cinema projector plus the home cinema speaker system. This should really impress the man in your life. Plenty of cosy nights in with your favorite films and a glass of wine.

Cell Phones

No need to be incommunicado, buy him a cell phone so that he can keep in touch with you. Check the features of the phone before purchasing to make sure it has all the things that may be required by the person you are purchasing it for. They may do the same phone in pink so you could have a his and her gift if you wanted to.

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