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December Gift Ideas


ruby pendant


For December gift ideas you might consider buying the birthstones turquoise, ruby, light sapphire or the blue topaz which represent this month.



Zodiac birthstone

The zodiac sign Sagittarius and Capricorn cover the month of December. Sagittarius runs from November 23rd to December 21st and Capricorn from 22nd December to 20th January. The birthstones which represent these two star signs are the topaz and the ruby.

Celtic birthstone

The Celtic astrological calendar is made up of thirteen equal months of 28 days. The additional day is known as the 'Nameless Day' and falls between the 22nd and 24th of December. The Celtic month of Bran (November 25th - December 22nd) has the elder tree assigned to it and the month of Damh (December 24th - January 20th) has the Birch as its tree. Both these months are also represented by birthstones and these are the lapis lazuli and the rock crystal respectively. December 23rd which is the 'Nameless Day' has the Gaelic name Uil-iok. The tree which represents this day is not really a tree as it is the mistletoe. The birthstone for the 23rd December is the black pearl.


The flowers that are associated with the month of December are the narcissus and the holly.


The color for December is white. In the northern hemisphere this is appropriate as many countries see snow on the ground at this time of year.

December Gift Ideas

Turquoise - Look out for pieces of jewelry with turquoise as the center stone. You will also be able to find books, Cds and Dvds with turquoise in their title.

light sapphire pendant

Light Sapphire - The light sapphire is a lighter blue than the color normally associated with a sapphire and you will find more delicate pieces of jewelry.

Blue topaz - Cuff links for the men and bracelets, pendants and earrings are available as gifts. December gift ideas of blue topaz jewelry would be well received by most women.

Ruby - Why not buy ruby port for the man and a piece of jewelry for the lady? A bouquet of ruby colored flowers would also make and ideal gift. There is plenty of choice at this time of year.

Black pearl - 'Pirates Of The Caribbean - Curse Of The Black Pearl', starring Johnny Depp is available on Dvd and would make an ideal gift for someone born on the 23rd December.

Lapis lazuli - A beautiful blue which is often used to represent the oceans on globes. An ideal gift for someone how loves to travel the world. Lapis lazuli jewelry would ideal December gift ideas.

Rock crystal - Rock crystal lamps are an easy gift to find. Many of the Christmas fairs will be selling them at this time of year.

Mistletoe - The easiest gift to find for the mistletoe is one that has mistletoe in the title. Look for something that will be enjoyed by the person receiving the gift. 'The Mistletoe and Sword' by Anya Seton or ' A Cat Under the Mistletoe: An Alice Nestleton Mystery' by Lydia Adamson are books you may consider. Framed prints by Mary Evans are also available depicting mistletoe such as the 'Mistletoe Branch' and 'Gathering Mistletoe'. These make ideal December gift ideas.

Valentine Banner 2012

Narcissus - At this time of year narcissus are available in gift sets. An ideal gift for the older person who enjoys having flowers in the home. You could buy the book 'The Black Narcissus' or the Dvd of the film if you know the person would enjoy it.

holly bush

Holly - Look out for books, Cds and Dvds whose author, actor, or singer may have the name Holly.

Wrapping ideas

Gift wrap the items in white and then use a blue or ruby red ribbon to represent the colors of the birthstones. You could find a paper covered in holly. You will need to explain the significance of this to person as they may not know that holly is used in the Celtic zodiac chart. Take a look at our gift wrapping page for more ideas on how to wrap a gift.

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