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Chinese Sapphire Birthstone - Year Of The Rabbit


Chinese Rabbit


The Chinese sapphire birthstone is associated with the year of the Rabbit or Hare as it is sometimes known. The sapphire is a form of corundum and is usually blue in color. Other colors include pink, green, purple, yellow, orange and white. The deep blue sapphires are achieved by heating the stones to 3000°C.


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Sapphire Pendant and Earrings

Purchase a pair of sapphire earrings to go with a pendant or as individual gifts. Sapphires jewelry pieces often have diamonds surrounding the center stone. Check first to find out what type of earrings the person wears as they may have an allergy to some metals.

Chinese Sapphire Birthstone Bracelet

A bracelet with sapphires may be a suitable gift. Create your own piece with sapphire colored crystals. This makes it a unique gift that only you will be giving, so place a card with it explaining it is a creation by you and also include the date when you made it. This makes a unique Chinese sapphire birthstone gift for the person receiving it.

Sapphire Colored Bookmark

Bookmarks are available set with sapphire colored crystals. An ideal gift for the bookworm or just a pretty gift for the person who enjoys to read occasionally.

Sapphire Cuff Links

A tie and shirt set may lack that special something, so purchase a tie pin and cuff links set with sapphires to finish the gift in style.

Sapphire Ring

Rings are available set with sapphires on their own or with diamonds. Available for men and women pick one to suit your budget.

Sapphire Colored Gin

For the person who enjoys a glass of gin purchase one that is blue or one of the other sapphire colors. Flavored gins often have a slight color to them. Check that the person is old enough first though.

The Year Of The Rabbit

The Rabbit is someone that people enjoy being around. They are affectionate, pleasant and obliging, but may be too sentimental and sometimes superficial. Rabbit's do no like confrontation and will stay out of disputes, even turning a blind eye if they need to. Rabbit's are capable of assessing a situation and will provide a solution when required. Rabbit's need to have security in their life, therefore will look for a partner who is able to provide this for them. The Rabbit is astute, considerate, docile, fashionable, refined, serene, thoughtful, tranquil and wise. But on the other side they are cunning, fragile, fussy, obsessive, possessive and snobbish.

Rabbit's make good administrators, actors, diplomats, doctors, fashion designers, herbalist, opticians, publishers, teachers, therapist and writers.

People that were born in the Chinese year of the Rabbit include Albert Einstein, Arthur Miller, Brad Pitt, Confucius, George Washington, Johnny Depp, King Henry V, Orson Welles, Tiger woods and Winston Churchill.

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