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Chinese Gemstone Ruby Birthstone - Year Of The Dog


Chinese Dog


The Chinese gemstone ruby birthstone is associated with the year of the Dog. Rubies are manufactured easily as natural rubies are very rare. These manufactured gemstones are known as created rubies.



We hope these suggestions will help you...

Ruby Pendants

Ruby pendants are available on their own or with other stones surrounding them. You could also look at necklaces to see if there is anything suitable for the person you are buying the gift for.

Ruby Earrings

Often they sell earrings and pendants as sets. Decide on how much you wish to spend and on the type of gift you wish to give. Plenty of choice available either as a gift of just earrings or a ruby gift set.

Ruby Cuff Links And Tie Pin

A pair of cuff links set with rubies along with a tie pin to match makes an ideal gift for a man. Team these with a shirt and tie to make it a more interesting gift.

Chinese Gemstone Ruby Birthstone Bracelets

A bracelet with rubies or rubies and diamonds would be a lovely gift for a lady celebrating her birthday. There are different styles available so pick the type that is going to be most suitable for the lifestyle of the person receiving the gift.

Ruby Ring

Rings with all various sizes of rubies are available. Have a look at what the person wears already and try to find one to fit in with what he or she already has.

The Year Of The Dog

Those people born in the Chinese year of the Dog are faithful and honest to those they love. The Dog is a good listener and is available to lend an ear or a shoulder to a member of family or friend who is in need of support. Dogs tend to take on a hobby or interest that they specialize in and stick with it. Dogs however are great worriers and have a tendency to find fault with things even when there isn't a problem. Dogs also have a tendency to hold a grudge until they are pacified. They like to see fair play and have a good sense of justice.

The Dog is compassionate, devoted, honest, reliable, resilient, resourceful and unselfish, but is also anxious, cantankerous, cynical, introverted, nosy, overwhelming and pessimistic.

The Dog might find suitable employment as a clerk, counselor, doctor, interior designer, judge, lawyer, nurse, police officer, politician, priest, professor, psychiatrist, scientist or a teacher.

Famous people born in the Chinese year of the Dog include Benjamin Franklin, Bill Clinton, Cher, Herbert Hoover, Golda Meir, Liza Minnelli, Matt Smith, Shirley MacLaine, Sylvester Stallone and Winston Churchill.

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