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Chinese Birthstone Topaz - Year Of The Horse


Chinese horse

The Chinese birthstone topaz is associated with the year of the Horse. The color of topaz is formed by the inclusion of impurities. When free from these impurities topaz gemstones are clear and it is by heating the stone that it obtains its blue color.



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Topaz Pendants

Topaz pendants come in many designs, prices and there are several different colors available to suit the person receiving the gift. Create your own by purchasing topaz crystals. A very unique and personal gift for someone born in the Chinese year of the Horse.

Chinese Birthstone Topaz Earrings

You may be able to purchase a pair of earrings to match the pendant or just as a gift on their own. Set in gold or silver there are many styles to choose from.

Topaz Tie Pin And Cuff Links

A shirt and tie set although a useful gift could be made special by the addition of cuff links and tie pin set with topaz. A useful gift for a special occasion or for everyday at the office.

Topaz Ring

Rings set with topaz gemstones are available as either single or multi stone. You may find a ring that has several different colors of stones set in the ring.

Topaz Bracelets

Buy a bracelet along with one of the other pieces of jewelry or just on its own. Create your own bracelet and pendant set to give as a gift.

The Year Of The Horse

The Horse is an independent hard working person. They are friendly and intelligent but can be selfish and cunning. The Horse is usually mentally alert and has a way with words. They enjoy parties and are popular and lively and enjoy entertaining others. Horses enjoy a challenge and are prepared to work hard to succeed. People born in this year make good leaders and companions.

Horses are cheerful, enduring, friendly, independent, joyful, outgoing, refined, resilient, self-reliant, sophisticated, vivacious and witty. On the other hand they can be arrogant, greedy, impatient, reckless, selfish, vain and volatile.

The Horse may find that the ideal work for them is one of the following: adventurer, athlete, bartender, hotelier, journalist, language teacher, librarian, performer, pilot, publicist, sales representative, tour operator or a translator.

Famous people born in the Chinese year of the Horse are Aretha Franklin, Boris Yeltsin, Clint Eastwood, Chopin, Davy Crockett, Harrison Ford, James Dean, Janet Jackson, Rembrandt and Robert Wagner.

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