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Chinese Birthstone Tigers Eye - Year Of The Monkey

Chinese monkey

The Chinese birthstone tigers eye is associated with the year of the Monkey. The tiger's eye is usually a formed from a metamorphic rock that is golden to brown in color and has a highly polished look giving it a silky luster. The stones may be heat treated to give a better color.


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Chinese Birthstone Tigers Eye Pendants

Tiger's eyes make good pendants and are available with gold or silver settings. Find something a little different, maybe the setting has a particular design on it.

Tiger's Eye Pendant Bag Jewel

There are pendants specially designed to go on handbag zips. Some are available with either a single tiger's eye or with several dangling from chains. Choose one to suit the bag the person carries.

tigers eye

Tiger's Eye Watch

There are watches available that have tiger's eye gemstones forming the bracelet of the watch. All the stones are different and therefore each watch is unique.

Tiger's Eye Keyring

Find a keyring with a tiger's eye. Either encased so that the stone is loose in its setting or set so that you are able to hold the polished stone.


Tiger's eye rings are available for either men or women and vary in size. Find the gemstones that have plenty of stripes and are a good color.

The Year Of The Monkey

Monkeys are intelligent and perform well in the work they do. Monkeys are fast learners and adapt easily to situations. They are witty and people are drawn to them, making them social-able and easy to talk to. Many people however mistrust the Monkey because of its sometimes sly, restless and inquisitive behavior. They love to stir and when found out they pass it off as a huge joke.

The Monkey will show many of these characteristics: clever, curious, good-humored, imaginative, ingenious, persuasive, resourceful, responsible, versatile and witty. On the negative side they are mischievousness, restless, sly, superficial, unsympathetic and untruthful.

Ideal jobs for the Monkey are, accountant, actor, air traffic controller, banker, courier, dealer, editor, engineer, film director, jeweler, journalist, scientist, sales representative, stock market trader and writer.

People born in the Chinese year of the Monkey are Bob Marley, Celine Dion, Charles Dickens, Christina Aguilera, Elizabeth Taylor, Halle Berry, James Stewart, Joan Crawford, Julius Caesar, Leonardo Da Vinci, Mick Jagger, Tom Hanks and Will Smith.

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