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Chinese Birthstone Sapphire - Year Of The Goat


chinese goat


The Chinese birthstone sapphire is associated with the year of the Goat. The sapphire is found in many colors but it is the color blue that is often associated with sapphires. The depth of color is acquired by heating the gemstones to a high temperature.

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Chinese Birthstone Sapphire Pendant And Earring Set

There are many gift sets available which contain sapphires. Choose a set you know will be worn by the person and not just because you like it, though it will help if you do.

Cuff Links

Sapphire cuff links make an ideal gift for the man born in the year of the Goat. Team this together with a tie pin along with a shirt and tie to match to make a unique gift. Before wrapping place the tie pin on the tie and cuff links in the shirt sleeves. Keep the boxes safe to give afterwards.

Crystal Brooch

Purchase a sapphire crystal brooch that would enhance any black dress or jacket being worn by the person receiving the gift.

Sapphire Ring

Sapphires come in all shapes and sizes and you should be able to find a ring that suits the person receiving the gift. Sapphires come in several shades of blue and other colors. You will find a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors of gemstones and these will often be set with diamonds.

Chinese Year Of The Goat

Goats are creative, well mannered and sometimes timid, but may be upset easily. Goats often keep their feelings and emotions to themselves. Still, they are first to complain about discomfort. They love nature and art and prefer to work and live with people around them. The Goat makes charming company after getting over the initial meeting that is often on the wrong foot. They prefer to be in a relationship that provides them with security.

Goats may be artistic, cultured, creative, easy going, gentle, intelligent, kind, sensitive and sympathetic. They may also be anxious, careless, dependent, disorganized, fussy, insecure, naive and self-indulgent.

People born in the year of the Goat are often actors, architects, art historians/teachers, cartographers, daycare workers, editors, florist, hair stylist, illustrators, interior designers, musicians, pediatricians or town planners.

Famous people born in the Chinese year of the Goat include Art Garfunkel, Audrey Hepburn, Bill gates, Bob Dylan, Buster Keaton, Greta Garbo, Jane Austen, Laurence Olivier, Liz Hurley, Mark Twain, Michelangelo, Mike Oldfield, Randy Crawford, Robert Deniro, Robert Mitchum, Ryan O'Neal, John Wayne and Virginia Woolf.

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