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Chinese Birthstone Ruby - Year Of The Dragon


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The Chinese birthstone ruby is associated with the year of the Dragon, along with the year of the Rat and the Dog. Rubies are a variety of corundum and the color varies from light rose to a deep red. On the Mohs scale rubies have a hardness of 9, only diamonds are harder at 10.

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Ruby Pendant and Earring Sets

Rubies are set into pendants surrounded by gold platinum or silver so you can pick the piece to suit the person. Look to see if there are other pieces in the set which you may wish to purchase or suggest to the person receiving the gift.

Ruby Necklace

Not a pendent but a necklace with the ruby incorporated into the the design. Often set with small stones these necklaces look delicate and sophisticated.

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Chinese Birthstone Ruby Cuff Links And Tie Pin

Cuff links and tie pin set with rubies are an ideal gift for the man born in the year of the Dragon. So that he has something to wear them with purchase him a shirt and tie to go with the gift. When wrapping the gift place the items together as if they are being worn.

ruby and diamond ring

Ruby Ring

Rings make suitable gifts for a man or woman and ruby rings are available in all sizes and prices. Rings may be purchased set with a single ruby or as a center stone surrounded by diamonds. Rings may be clusters of tiny stones made up in various patterns and make ideal Chinese birthstone ruby gifts.


Ruby Bracelet

Bracelets are available with rubies or ruby colored crystals. Either on their own or with diamonds. Choose a gift to suit the person you are purchasing the gift for.

Chinese Year Of The Dragon

Dragons are popular people with enthusiasm and vitality. They love perfection and are intelligent, but to some they may appear foolhardy. Dragons enjoy attention and enjoy a challenge, living life to the full. They are often prevented from asking for help by their pride and self-confidence. Although Dragons can go through life without close relationships they are more alive when in a relationship with someone on the same wavelength. A Dragon is adaptable, enthusiastic, original, passionate, resourceful, self-assured and valiant, but at the same time can be arrogant, critical, discourteous, hot-headed, irritable and unpredictable.

Dragons make good advertising agents, architects, computer analyst, brokers, engineers, inventors, lawyers, managers, psychoanalysts, politicians, philosophers and sales people.

Famous people born in the Chinese year of the Dragon are Al Pacino, Bruce Lee, Courteney Cox, Fats Domino, Florence Nightingale, Joan D'Arc (of Arc), Keanu Reeves, Mae West, Martin Sheen, Orlando Bloom, Pele, Salvador Dali, Sarah Bernhardt and Sigmund Freud.

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