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Chinese Birthstone Opal - Year Of The Snake


Chinese snake


The Chinese birthstone opal is associated with the year of the Snake. The opal is a stone created form hydrated silicon dioxide which show beautiful opalescence. The word opal means 'precious stone' and they are found in many colors.



We hope these suggestions will help you...

Opal Earrings

Purchase a pair of earrings in a color of gemstone that will suit the person you are buying the gift for. Check first to find out what style of earrings the person wears and also if they have any allergies to metals.

Chinese Birthstone Opal Pendant

Opals are often set in gold or silver and may or may not have an intricate design around the stone. There may be matching pieces of jewelry to go with the pendant, such as earrings, ring or bracelet.

Opal Cuff Links

Matching cuff links and tie pin would be an ideal gift for a man. Purchase a shirt and tie in suitable colors to offset the color of the opals. You will need to buy the cuff links and tie pin at the same time to get an exact match.


A bracelet set with opals would make a special gift. Bracelets may be set with one or more opal gemstones and also with other varieties of precious and semi precious stones.

Opal Ring

Rings set with opals are more suitable for ladies. Often sold as a single opal in a plain or decorative mount depending on the opalescence of the stone.

The Year Of The Snake

Snakes are full of charm, are romantic and have great wisdom. People born in the year of the Snake are deep thinkers and usually do things at their own pace. The Snake will shed its skin periodically and in doing so will take up new interests. Snakes often like to be left alone but they will socialize. A Snake will become possessive and often deeply jealous when involved in a relationship.

Snakes are analytical, compassionate, discreet, motivated, shrewd and subtle but can also be jealous, manipulative, malicious, possessive, proud, sluggish and vain.

Ideal work for a Snake would be as an analyst, astrologer, dietitian, investigator, magician, mystic, jeweler, painter, philosopher, potter, psychologist, scientist, sociologist, spiritual leader and technologist.

Famous people born in the Chinese year of the Snake include Abraham Lincoln, Aristotle Onassis, Darwin, Edgar Allen Poe, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, John F. Kennedy, Martin

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