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Chinese Birthstone Moonstone - Year Of The Pig


chinese pig


The Chinese birthstone moonstone is associated with the year of the Pig. Moonstones are a type of feldspar that has formed with potassium to make it translucent and pearl like in appearance. As the moonstone is a delicate stone it must be handled carefully as it easily scratched.


We hope these suggestions will help you...

Moonstone Bracelets

Most moonstones are set in silver or white gold to show their beauty. Bracelets are available in different styles and sizes. Some are set with just one stone and others are made up of several. Pick the bracelet that you feel best suits the person you are purchasing the gift for.

Moonstone Pendants

Pendents are available set with a single moonstone or with other stones to enhance the delicate stone. Available mainly with a white metal surround, but you will be able to find the occasional st in gold for those that prefer or need to wear gold.

Chinese Birthstone Moonstone Earrings

There are many styles of earrings available from drops to stone set as studs. Choose the style that the person receiving the gift would prefer to wear.

Moonstone Cuff Links And Tie Pin

A gift of cuff links and a tie pin is an easy gift for a man. Team this with a shirt and tie to show of the moonstones at their best.

Moonstone Necklace

Instead of a pendant on a chain there are necklaces that have been designed using the moonstone as the center stone of the piece. Team this with matching earrings to create a special gift for person born in the Chinese year of the Pig.

The Moonstone By Wilkie Collins

Not a gemstone but a classic book written by Wilkie Collins. An ideal gift for the avid reader of classic fiction.

The Chinese Year Of The Pig

Pigs make good, sincere tolerant and honest companions. They are sometimes taken advantage of as they expect the same treatment in return. Pigs have a good sense of humor and are funny. Pigs also enjoy having the best of everything, craving for a life of luxury. They are good organizers with a steadfast and patient nature and will overlook peoples faults to keep the peace.

The Pig will show signs of being diligent, friendly, genuine, generous, hardworking, helpful, obliging, sincere and willing. But the negative signs are that they are gullible, lazy, materialistic, naive, obstinate, pigheaded and superficial.

Suitable work or professions for a Pig are actor, artist, butcher, caterer, dentist, designer, doctor, entertainer, farmer teacher, veterinarian, or interior decorator.

Famous Pigs include Alfred Hitchcock, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ernest Hemmingway, Fred Astaire, Henry Ford, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Tennesee Williams and Woody Allen.

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