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Celtic Birthstones

Celtic birthstones are found in the Celtic zodiac birthstone chart. The Celtic Astrological calendar is made up of thirteen months, formed by the Druids who were a sect of Celtic priest. These priests inhabited the British Isles around 1000 B.C. The Druids devised a calendar of 13 equal months of 28 days plus one additional day using the moon. This is known as a lunar calendar. In some versions of the Celtic Zodiac you will find the additional day is known as the 'Nameless Day'. This falls between the 22nd December and 24th December.

Celtic Birthstones Chart

Date Name Tree Birthstone
Dec 24th - Jan 20th Damh Birch Rock Crystal
Jan 21st - Feb 17th Corr Rowan Peridot
Feb 18th - Mar 17th Ron Ash Coral
Mar 18th - Apr 14th Art Alder Ruby
Apr 15th - May 12th Nathair Willow Moonstone
May 13th - June 9th Beach Hawthorn Topaz
June 10th - July 7th Dobhan Oak Diamond
July 8th - Aug 4th Kati Holly Red Carnelian
Aug 5th - Sept 1st Braden Hazel Amethyst
Sept 2nd - Sept 29th Eala Vine Emerald
Sept 30th - Oct 27th Geadh Ivy Opal
Oct 28th - Nov 24th Cailleach-oidhche Reed Jasper
Nov 25th - Dec 22nd Bran Elder Lapis Lazuli

December 23rd - 'The Nameless Day', Gaelic name - Uil-iok, Tree - Mistletoe, Birthstone - Black Pearl

This chart (there may be variations) shows the dates, the Gaelic name, the tree assigned and the birthstone. Click through to our birthstone page containing gifts for that stone. We hope this will help you find a unique gift for that special person.

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Based mainly on natural and supernatural energies the Druids identified the months with spirits or dryads believed to have been dwelling in the ancient trees. Druids believed that the trees had been given spirits and attributes by the sun which was seen as a symbol of the Supreme Being. Considered living entities by the Druids the trees were thought to possess Infinite Knowledge and Wisdom. A tree was eventually assigned to each phase of the moon in accordance with its magical properties.

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