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Celtic Birthstone - Topaz


topaz gemstone

The Celtic birthstone topaz represents the sign Beach and is from May 13th to June 9th. Each Celtic star sign has a tree assigned to it and for Beach this is the hawthorn.


We hope the following suggestions will help...

Blue Topaz Jewelry

Blue topaz is very often used for pieces of jewelry which include pendants, earrings and rings. Set against a black background this will make a stunning gift.

Celtic birthstone Topaz Cuff Links

Purchase blue topaz cuff links along with a tie pin. If you wish to spend more you could include a tie and a shirt. When wrapping the gift put all the separate parts together to show them at their best.

Music with Topaz in the Title

Look out for music with topaz in the title or the artist name may be Topaz. 'The Zone' by Topaz may be a suitable gift for the person celebrating their birthday at this time.


If the person is celebrating a special birthday then treat them to a vacation to one of the areas where topaz gemstones can be found. Remember to buy a topaz whilst you are there, as a reminder of the vacation.

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Blue Topaz Colored Flowers

Buy a bouquet of flowers in blue topaz colors. Depending on the time of year this may be easier than at other times when colors may be limited. You may wish to have the flowers arranged in a vase before you give it as an alternative to the Celtic birthstone topaz gift.

Interesting Information On The Gemstone Topaz

Topaz is a mineral, a silicate of aluminum and fluorine. The gemstone needs to be handled with care to avoid developing flaws. Pure topaz is transparent but it is usually tinted by impurities. Often topaz is wine or straw-yellow in color and when a transparent gemstone is heated it becomes blue. If you heat yellow topaz it often becomes reddish-pink. Topaz may also be white, gray, green, blue, pink or reddish-yellow and transparent or translucent.

Topaz is found with the more acid rocks of the granite and rhyolite type and may be found with fluorite and cassiterite. It can be found in the Ural and Ilmen mountains, Brazil, Czech Republic, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Saxony, Sweden, and the United States.

Topaz is also the birthstone for November and the star sign Sagittarius.

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