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Celtic Birthstone - Rock Crystal


Rock Crystal


The Celtic birthstone rock crystal is the stone which represents the month December 24th - January 20th in the Celtic birthstone chart and is known as Damh.


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rock crystal lamp

Celtic Birthstone Rock Crystal Lights

You may wish to buy a piece of rock crystal which has been turned into a light. These pieces come in all shapes and sizes and require different size candles. Smaller rock crystal lights use tea lights as their source lighting.

Rock Crystal Jewelry

Buy the birthday girl or boy some jewelry with rock crystal as the center piece. Earrings and pendents for girls and cuff links and tie pins for the boys.

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Crystal Mining Rock Kit

Suitable for the younger person. A kit comprising of tools and a block to chip away at to discover the crystals hidden within.

Information About Rock Crystal

Rock crystal is one of the rarer forms of quartz. It is often completely transparent and often just known as crystal.

The crystals are commonly found in rock cavities where it forms quartz veins. When iron impurities are added the rock crystals may become a yellow-orange (citrine) or mauve-purple (amethyst) in color. Making it more desirable for use in jewelry.

The word crystal is from the Greek word krystallos which means ice. When Greeks discovered some rock crystals centuries ago they believed the crystals to have been made by ice.

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