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Celtic Birthstone - Red Carnelian


Red carnelian jewelry


Celtic birthstone red carnelian is the gem for the month of Kati. This runs from the 8th July to 4th August and has the holly as its allotted tree.


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Celtic Birthstone Red Carnelian Jewelry

Mostly carnelian is made into pieces of jewelry which include earrings, pendents, brooches and bracelets. Often you will find Victorian pieces being sold at very reasonable prices. Some of the jewelry containing carnelian is on the large size. Check that the person will wear the piece if this is the case before purchasing it.


There are a few books with carnelian in their title including 'The Carnelian Cube' by L Spraque and Fletcher Pratt de Camp. This book is marketed as a humorous fantasy. Or maybe 'Red Carnelian' by Phyllis A. Whitney would make a suitable gift. for the birthday person.

Red Flowers

Buy a bouquet of flowers With lots of orange and red flowers in it. Place the bouquet in a vase to give the gift more elegance.

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Music by Carnelian

For the music lover purchase a CD such as 'Passing through' by Carnelian. Check first that the person you are giving the gift to enjoys this type of music. There are other songs by artist that have the word carnelian in the title that may also make suitable gifts.

Facts About The Gemstone Red Carnelian

The carnelian gemstone was highly valued and used in signet rings by the Greeks and Romans. Carnelian is also called cornelian. This stone is a translucent semiprecious variety of the silica mineral chalcedony.

Carnelian owes its red to reddish brown color to the inclusion of hematite (iron oxide) which is dispersed throughout mineral. By baking and dying with iron salts the color is enhanced.

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