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Celtic Birthstone - Peridot


peridot jewelry


The Celtic birthstone peridot is for the sign that runs from January 21st to February 17th and has the name Corr. The peridot may also be used for the first wedding anniversary and is the birthstone for Libra.

We hope these suggestions will help you...

Peridot Jewelry

Peridot jewelry includes rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants for the lady. For the man you have tie pins and cuff links.

Click on the above link to view Celtic Jewelry.

Peridot Colored Vases

There are vases made of glass in varying shades of green and also pottery ones. See what exotic flowers you can come up with to go in it.


Purchase a bouquet of flowers in shades of green. Place in a nice colored vase of a different color to make it more special.


Find books with 'Peridot' in the title. There are some but check the book is a suitable Celtic birthstone peridot gift before purchasing.

Celtic Birthstone Peridot CDs

Look out for artist's who have the name 'Peridot' or have peridot in the album title. You may be able to introduce the person to a different type of music.

Fold-able Handbag Hook

Special hooks for keeping your handbag off the floor whilst dinning out are often set with colors to match gemstones associated with different months. Place the specially designed hook in your bag before leaving home and you will never have to leave your bag on the floor again.

Interesting Facts About Peridot

Gem quality peridot is extremely rare and the stones are the gem quality variety of forsterite olivine. The name peridot is believed to come from either the French word 'peritot' meaning 'unclear' or the Arabic word 'faridat' meaning 'gem'.

Peridot is often referred to as 'the poor man's emerald'. Peridot is one of the few gemstones that is available in only one color. The depth of green depends on how much iron is contained in the crystal structure of the stone. Depending on the amount the stones vary from yellow-green, olive, to a brownish green.

Peridot crystals have been found in iron-nickel rich meteorites. It is also found in Brazil, Upper Burma, Minas Gerais and Egypt.

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