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Celtic Birthstone - Moonstone


moonstone gemstone


The Celtic birthstone moonstone is the stone which represents the month running from April 15th - May 12th in the Celtic birthstone chart and is known as Nathair. The moonstone may also be used to represent the 13th wedding anniversary.

We hope the following suggestions will help...

Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone jewelry is available to purchase in the form of earrings, cuff links, pendents, bracelets and brooches. Choose a gift which best suits the person you are giving it to.

Click on the above link to view Celtic Jewelry.

Books With Moonstone in the Title

Buy the classic book by Wilkie Collins titled 'The Moonstone'.

Moonstone Bookmark

Look for a bookmark that is encrusted with moonstones. This would make a nice addition to go with the appropriately entitled book you giving as a gift.

Celtic Birthstone Moonstone Flowers

Purchase a bouquet of pale blue, white, orange or yellow flowers. Finding flowers to match Moonstone colors should not be difficult.

DVD With Moonstone in the Title

'The Moonstone' by Wilkie Collins has also been made into a film. Purchase this along with a bottle of wine so that the person receiving the gift can enjoy a night in watching the film whilst enjoying a glass of their favorite wine.

Facts about Moonstone

Moonstone is a type of feldspar. When feldspar forms with potassium it is translucent and pearl like in appearance and is known as moonstone. The name moonstone was given to this form of feldspar as it resembles the moon. Moonstones have been used in jewelry for many centuries.

The base color of the stone may be white, orange, yellow, gray or clear. Moonstones are also soft and brittle so must be handled with care as they scratch and are easily damaged.

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