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Celtic Birthstone - Lapis lazuli

lapis lazuli cat

The Celtic birthstone lapis lazuli is the stone which represents the month November 25th - December 22nd. The lapis lazuli is also the gemstone that represents the 9th wedding anniversary.

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Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Lapis lazuli is such a rich blue color that it is perfect for making unique pieces of jewelry. Choose from a variety of styles from the delicate to the more chunky.

Click on the above link to view Celtic Jewelry.

Gem Stone Globe

The countries are set with semi precious stones. The ocean is created by using the Celtic birthstone lapis lazuli stone as it is such a good rich blue color to use.

Celtic Birthstone Lapis LazuliWine Stoppers

For the wine connoisseur buy a stopper that has a stone set in the top. You may be able to buy other matching items to go with the stopper such as a corkscrew.

Letter Openers

These are available with lapis lazuli handles and maybe more suitable for the person who has to open lots of mail each day. It will help to cut down on all those nasty paper cuts one gets.

Interesting Information About Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is deep blue in color and opaque and is often known as just lapis. This gemstone was highly prized by the pharohs in ancient Egypt and was used on many treasures in the tombs of their pharohs.

Lapis is made up of many minerals so is therefore classed as a rock.The most valuble stone is bright blue and has very little pyrite in it and should have no calcite veins in it. It needs to have some pyrite in it as this is an important way of identifing that the stone is genuine.

Lapis lazuli means "stone of azure".

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