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Celtic Birthstone - Coral

coral jewelry

When buying a Celtic birthstone coral gift you may wish to consider substituting the real thing for a really good imitation piece. This birthstone is used for the Celtic sign Ron and is from February 18th - March 17th.

We hope the following suggestions will help...

Coral Cuff Links

A piece of jewelry for him. Coral cuff links are available but you may wish to purchase imitation coral along with another gift to make it more special.

Celtic Birthstone Coral Jewelry

This is available in many different shapes and sizes from bracelets and necklaces to cords for holding your eye glasses. You could consider giving imitation coral along with another precious stone. For example an imitation coral and turquoise bracelet makes an ideal gift.

Click on the above link to view Celtic Jewelry.

Coral Ornaments

These may be available as bowls, candle holders, bookends and the like. Coral Bouquet

Bouquet of Coral Colored Flowers

Buy the happy couple a bouquet made up of coral color flowers. Carnations often come in these colors. If you cannot find any flowers of the correct color why not buy a pastel colored bouquet and wrap it in coral colored tissue.

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Coral Design Gifts

There are many items with a coral design on them. Examples are dining sets, glassware, cushions, pillows, throws etc. You will need to make sure that the design is appropriate for the couple.

Interesting Facts For Coral

Coral is formed from the skeletal remains of marine animals. Living corals form reefs made up of millions of sea anemone like polyps. Each polyp generation grows on the skeletal remains of previous generations. This gives a structure that has a shape characteristic of the species, but is also subject to environmental influences.

Aways consider giving imitation coral rather than the real thing.

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