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Cats Eye Anniversary Gemstone

cats eye ring


The cats eye anniversary gemstone is the stone that represents 40 years of marriage. The better known gemstone for this anniversary being the ruby. If worn on a Thursday it is suggested that the cat's eye will bring good fortune.


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Cat's Eye Jewelry

Cat's eye jewelry is available in earrings, rings, pendants, brooches and bracelets. Choose a gift which is best suited for the occasion.

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Cat's Eye Cuff Links

Cuff links with the Cat's Eye as the main stone are very popular for men. Give it on a Thursday for a very special gift.

Cats Eye Anniversary Gemstone Books

Stephen King and Margaret Atwood have both written books called 'Cat's Eye'. The person you are buying the gift for may enjoy reading one of these.

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DVD with Cat's Eye in the Title

DVDs are also available to purchase with 'Cat's Eye' as their title. Maybe the recipient has enjoyed reading the book but not seen the film, making it an ideal gift.

Facts The Gemstone Cat's Eye

The Cat's Eye chrysoberyl is related to the gemstone alexandrite. The stones range in color from pale green to a honey brown. With the honey brown being the most highly valued. The cat's eye has a narrow band of light across the middle of the stone making it appear to wink at you.

When a bright light is shone on one side of the stone it becomes milky in appearance with the other side remaining clear in color.

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