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Birthstone Month March - Bloodstone




You will be able to find a birthstone month March bloodstone gifts for women and men. A little lateral thinking may be required though.

We hope the following suggestions will help...

Bloodstone Tumble stones

For the person interested in gemstones a bloodstone that has been tumbled might be a suitable gift. They are available in various sizes and prices. Buy one or two or even a selection of stones to create an unusual gift.

Bloodstone Jewelry

Available for both man and woman. Choose from a variety of rings bracelets, pendents and earrings are available for women. Whilst for men you will find signet rings, cuff links and tie pins.

Birthstone Month March - Bloodstone CDs

Plenty of different CDs available by the artist 'Bloodstone'. You may be able to get the person interested in a different type of music introduced to them by you.


Suitable for many game consoles, the game 'Bloodstone' may be an ideal gift for the lads who have a birthday this month.

Valentine Banner 2012


'Bloodstone' a Jon Shannow novel by David Gemmell may make a suitable gift if the person enjoys that type of book. You may wish to check out the type of books read before purchasing the gift.


Facts about Bloodstone

Bloodstone is dark-green variety chalcedony that has specks of bright red jasper. It is these red specks that give the stone its name. Bloodstone has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale.

Bloodstone is mined in Australia, India and the United States. Today finely pulverized bloodstone is still used as a medicine and aphrodisiac in India.

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