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August Gift Ideas


peridot pendant

August is represented by the peridot or sardonyx which are ideal for August gift ideas. There are also other semi precious stones along with flowers and trees which make ideal gifts for the month of August. The suggestions below should help you make the perfect choice.


Zodiac birthstones

The Zodiac star signs for August are Leo July 24th - August 23rd and Virgo covers August 24th - to September 23rd. These two signs are represented by the onyx and carnelian respectively.

Celtic birthstone

The Celtic birthstones are the red carnelian for the beginning of August and the amethyst for the rest of August. Kati is the Celtic star sign for July 8th to August 4th with holly being its tree. Braden runs from the 5th August to Sept 1st and is represented by the hazel.

August Gift Ideas - Flowers

August is represented by the flowers gladioli and the poppy. Add a packet of poppy seeds, a touch of fun to your chosen gift.



Every month has a color assigned to it and for the month of August this is yellow.


Peridot - Very pretty peridot jewelry is available in this delicate looking stone. Buy the book 'Peridot Parables' by Connie Noguchi if you know the person will enjoy it.

Sardonyx - Ornaments and vases are available in sardonyx. You will also find books, cds and dvds with sardonyx in their title. Other August gift ideas suitable for men would be cuff links and tie pins with sardoynx as the center stone.

Onyx - Chess set for the chess enthusiast or an onyx ornament for the lady. Also available are a variety of rings for men with onyx stones as the center piece.

carnelian gemstones

Carnelian - A good selection of carnelian jewelry is available for the women. In the book 'The Stone Dance of the Chameleon' a trilogy by Ricardo Pinto the main character is called 'Carnelian'.

Valentine Banner 2012

Amethyst - Along with jewelry you will also find gourds with amethyst in to purchase. These vary in price from a few dollars for the small ones to a few hundred for the larger ones. Look out for DVDs, CDs and books with amethyst in the title.

Holly - Look for books, CDs and DVDs with holly in the title. If the person has a large garden you could purchase a holly bush for it.

Hazel - Look out for Music by Sister Hazel, CDs include 'Fortress' and 'Somewhere More Familiar'. Buy a twisted hazel tree for the garden. This is one of the smaller varieties of hazel and is suitable for large containers.

Gladioli - A large bouquet of gladioli. You may have to buy a suitable vase for these to go in. Always buy cut gladioli which haven't been displayed in water as these will last longer.


Poppy - 'Flower' a perfume by Kenzo has a poppy on the bottle so this could be an ideal gift for the lady. A packet of poppy seeds added to another gift for fun. As they come in yellow you could buy them to represent the color for this month.

Yellow - Many gifts are available in yellow. These could include a bouquet of flowers with yellow blooms. Or a CD with yellow in the title such as 'Yellow Submarine' by the Beatles.

You will find more August gift ideas by using the links on this page.

Gift wrapping ideas

Look out for yellow paper with poppies on it to represent the month of August. Or wrap your gift in yellow and add an amethyst colored flower held on by a beautiful ribbon. Take a look at our gift wrapping page for other ideas on how to wrap your gift.

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