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Aries Birthstone - Bloodstone

Aries Birthstone Image - Bloodstone

The zodiac sign Aries birthstone is bloodstone. This gemstone may also be used for the 14th wedding anniversary.

You can purchase gifts to suit all ages and both sexes.

We hope the following suggestions will help...

Tumble Stone

For the person interested in crystals and stones then a tumbled bloodstone might make an unusual gift. Very tactile to the touch and along with a selection of other stones would make a nice display in a basket or shallow dish.

Aries Birthstone Bloodstone Jewelry

Available for both man and woman. Choose from a variety of rings bracelets, pendents and earrings. Often bloodstone is associated with enhancing psychical performance and is claimed to have several healing properties. You are able to purchase bracelets specially designed for this purpose. Bloodstone signet rings are widely available for men.

Click on the link below to view other jewelry associated with birthstones.

10K White Gold Aries Script Zodiac Pendant Mar 22 - Apr 20 with 16" chain

From: Elite Jewels Inc.

Books with Bloodstone in the title

Look for the word bloodstone in the title. 'The Bloodstone Chronicles' by Bill Myers is such a book that you could purchase for the birthday person.

Bloodstone CDs

Plenty of different CDs available by the artist 'Bloodstone'. You may be able to get the person interested in a different type of music by purchasing one of their albums.

Bloodstone Eggs

Pieces of bloodstone have been shaped into eggs to be displayed on shelves or in cabinets. Choose the size that is suitable for the gift as they come in different sizes.

DVDs and Bloodstone

You should be able to find one or two DVDs with bloodstone in the title. If you can't find anything that will be suitable you may wish to add a small piece of jewelry in bloodstone to the gift.

Bouquet of Flowers resembling Bloodstone

Buy a bouquet of flowers made up mainly of green foliage and a few red flowers dotted through the green to mimic the red flecks found in the stone.

Facts about Bloodstone

Bloodstone is dark-green variety chalcedony that has specks of bright red jasper. It is these red specks that give the stone its name. Bloodstone has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale.

Bloodstone is mined in Australia, India and the United States.

Today finely ground bloodstone is still used as a medicine and aphrodisiac in India.

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