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April Gift Ideas


diamond ring in rose

What sort of presents are available for April gift ideas? We've all heard it before 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend'. The gemstone for the month of April is the diamond. The diamond is the hardest of the gemstones measuring 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Diamonds are one of the most valuable gem stones. Diamonds are made from carbon, with the softer carbon known as graphite.

Zodiac birthstones

Aries and Taurus are the star signs which cover the month of April. Aries covers April starting from March 21st to April 20th and Taurus is from April 21st to May 21st. Aries is also represented by the gemstone bloodstone and Taurus the sapphire.

Celtic birthstones

In the Celtic birthstone chart April is covered by the Celtic signs of Art and Nathair. Art represents March 18th to April 14th and Nathair April 15th to May 12th. They are each represented by a birthstone which are the ruby and the moonstone respectively. Being Celtic birth signs Art and Nathair are also represented by trees. These are the Alder for the Celtic sign Art and the Willow for the sign Nathair.


April Gift Ideas - Flowers

You may also be interested in the flowers connected with April. These are the sweet pea and daisy. There are many varieties of daisy available including the gerbera and the margaretta daisy.




The color which is assigned to April is pink. Pink comes in many shades from a very pale to a deep pink. Choose the color which best suits the person you are buying the gift for.


Diamonds - Diamonds are always a good bet when buying for girlfriend or wife. There aren't many women who don't enjoy wearing them. You will find bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings. For the men you might consider tie pins and cuff links.

Moonstones - You could buy the classic book 'The Moonstone' by Wilkie Collins. Also pieces of jewelry with moonstones in them are available and are good April gift ideas.

Valentine Banner 2012

Bloodstone - Bracelets, pendents, rings, cuff links and tie pins are all available with a bloodstones. Look for CDs and books containing the word bloodstone. You may have to check they are suitable before purchasing them.

Sapphires - Look out for CDs and DVDs with sapphire in the title. You will also find lots of jewelry with sapphires as the center piece.

ruby gemstone

Rubies - Plenty of pieces of jewelry with rubies in them for both men and women. Look out for CDs with Ruby in the title, for example 'Ruby's Torch' by Nanci Griffith. Or the artist may be called Ruby, like 'Ruby Murray'. ruby

Alder - Possibly the hardest April gift ideas to find. There are some, including Alder smoked salmon. You may also be able to find some items made from the wood of the Alder tree.

Willow - A cricket bat is made of willow and is ideal for the sports person. Signed if you are able to get one. This could be for a special birthday. Or a small willow tree for the garden.

Sweet pea - Artificial sweet peas are often sold in vases and look very realistic. Or you could buy a packet of seeds to go with another gift.

Daisy - Look for gifts that have pictures of daisies on the front, such as note paper. Mugs may also be decorated with flowers. A bouquet of gerberas may be suitable for a small gift.

Pink - This allows you lots of choice for unique pink gifts for women. You may also get away with buying a pink shirt for the man in your life. Buy CDs by the group 'Pink Floyd' or books with pink in the title. The birthday girl would love a bouquet of pretty pink flowers. Always a wide variety of pink flowers available. Carnations, spray carnations, chrysanthemums, roses and gerberas are all available in shades of pink.

Wrapping ideas

Wrap your gifts in pretty pink paper or wrap in white and tie a beautiful pink ribbon around it. Decorate the outside of your gift with real flowers such as a pink Carnation or pink Orchid. Click on the link to view more wrapping ideas.

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