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9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Pottery




Looking for those unique 9th wedding anniversary gifts of pottery?
Pottery may also be used for the 8th wedding anniversary in Britain.

We hope these suggestions will help you...

pottery lesson

Pottery Lessons

Treat the couple to pottery lessons or give them a gift where they can paint their own cup and saucer or plate. This would be different and a fun thing to do and certainly a unique gift.

Pottery Painting

Decorate your own pottery gift to give the happy couple. There are places that will for a small cost allow you to decorate plates and mugs with your own design. You could decorate the item with the couples names and anniversary date. The pottery item is then fired to set the glaze.

Pottery Flowers

pottery roses

Purchase a bouquet for the couple. The flower heads of the bouquet are made from pottery. Why not pick a vase to go with them?

Take a look at this link to view some Pottery Roses with a pottery theme suitable for this anniversary.

Vases For 9th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Vases come in many shapes and sizes and you can choose from a variety of famous makes. Purchase a bouquet of flowers to go in the vase to make the gift special.

Pottery Garden Ornaments

Something for a garden makes a good anniversary gift. There are many pottery ornaments available, so finding the right gift should be easy.


Why not start the couple collecting figurines in a particular series? This can be fun and collecting the right ones should see them increase in value over the coming years.

Valentine Banner 2012


Buy the couple useful and decorative items of tableware. For example serving dishes or salad bowls.


In Britain willow may also be the anniversary gift. So why not combine the two and buy some pottery with the willow pattern on it?


Why not purchase his and her mugs? Plenty to choose from so you should be able to find some that will suit the couple you are buying for.

Facts about Pottery

Pottery is a type of ceramic material. The term pottery is also used for a technique involving mixing clay with other minerals.

A person who makes pottery is traditionally known as a potter. A potters wheel is often used to shape the clay mixture into various useful objects such as bowls. These are then decorated for everyday use.

Pottery is also used for smaller pieces such as figurines.

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