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7th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Copper


copper bowl

Choosing a 7th wedding anniversary gift of copper could prove to be very challenging but you should be able to find one unique to the person or couple you are buying for. Items of either copper and wool are traditionally given in the USA and Britain.


We hope these suggestions will help you...

Tibetan Buddhist Singing Bowl

Made of copper, a singing bowl would make an unusual gift for a couple celebrating this anniversary. They could use it or just have it as a decorative item and talking point when friend come round.


How about a bouquet made of copper flowers. The flower heads have been crafted from copper to form beautiful roses.

Copper Wine Enhancer

Copper wine enhancers balance the tannins in red wine and helps develop the flavor of all wines. It is claimed that they also help to eliminate headaches and acid reflux.

Copper Saucepans

Treat yourselves to a new set of copper sauce pans. Look for the one that have been specially lined to stop the copper from contaminating the food being prepared in them.

Valentine Banner 2012

Copper Oil Burner For A 7th Wedding Anniversary Gift

For the couple that enjoy relaxing with perfumes filling the air. Many different ones to choose from and a large selection of oils to go with them. An ideal 7th wedding anniversary gift.

Copper Toadstools

If the couple you are purchasing the gift for have a garden you may decide that it would be nice to get something for it. Copper toadstools would make an unusual gift and everyone would talk about them as the tops move gently in the breeze.

copper clock

Copper Clock

Available for indoor and out, copper clocks often have inbuilt thermometer and humidity for accurate time and weather keeping. This would make an unusual addition to the side of a house or even a garden wall.

Copper Facts

Copper is a reddish colored metal with a very high thermal and electrical conductivity. Copper has its characteristic color because it reflects orange and red light and absorbs other frequencies in the visible spectrum.

Copper is very malleable and a good conductor of heat, so is used in the production of some saucepans. Copper is used in electrical wiring because of its good electrical conduction.

Sterling tableware must contain a small amount of copper. A lot of coinage in circulation today contains a small amount of copper.

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