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6th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Sugar


sugar cubes

Traditionally the 6th wedding anniversary gift in Britain is sugar. In the USA this anniversary is celebrated with iron.

Choosing sugar anniversary gifts may turn out to be fun if you are able to try out some of the products first.

We hope these suggestions will help you...

Sugar Hamper

Create a hamper with lots of different items containing sugar. Look for unusual items to include. This could include items like coconut palm sugar, pearlised sugar balls, sugared daisies, candies or chocolate bars.

Sugar Flowers For A 6th Wedding Anniversary Gift

candy flowers

Candy flower heads make up this unique bouquet. They will not last forever, but they will make a beautiful display whilst they do. Click through to view roses with a candy theme to them.

Bridal Bouquet

Have the bride's bouquet replicated in sugar paste. A lovely idea and is sure to please the person you are giving the gift to.

Sugar Containers

There is a good selection of sugar containers to choose from. These include terracotta, ceramic, stainless steel and glass. Depending on the type you decide to buy will dictate how much you spend on the gift.


Buy a beautiful box of chocolates. They contain lots of sugar. Some of the chocolates that have a high cocoa content would have less sugar and therefore be better for you. Remember to check that the person receiving the gift is able to eat them.

CD With Sugar In The Title

Purchase a CD fort the couple that has sugar in the title or is by the artist 'Sugar'. Check before hand that this is a suitable gift as they may not enjoy the music.


Candles come in all shapes and sizes and many are now perfumed with different smells. You will be able to find candles that are scented with sugar and cinnamon and others that are sugar and spice. There are many others available depending on the size and price you wish to pay.

Valentine Banner 2012


Bottles of wine make a nice present if the couple drink. When making wine sugar has to be added to the fruit along with yeast to turn it into alcohol.

Click on the link above to view other gifts.

Sugar Bowl and Tongs

Buy a sugar bowl and tongs for the happy couple. This could be modern or you may decide they would like an antique set. Which ever you choose it is nice to see sugar in a pretty bowl when hosting a dinner party.

Chocolate Dipping Sauces

Specially prepared chocolate sauces to dip your favorite nuts, fruit and biscuits in, is available from many confectionery shops. These sauces have a variety of flavors including chilly, dark, milk and white chocolates. A lot of fun for the couple celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary.

Interesting Facts About Sugar

Sugar in the form of sucrose is produced either from the sugar beet found in cooler climates or the sugar cane which requires a warmer one to grow.

We use it today to alter the flavor of our foods, turning sour and sharp tasting products into sweet ones.

With it we make sweet confectionery, use it to decorate cakes and it also has many other uses. Sugar may also be used to preserve certain types of products such as conserves, marmalades and pickles.

The first people to use sugar were the Indians in around 300 BC.

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