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5th Anniversary Gift - Silverware




The modern 5th anniversary gift in the USA and Britain is silverware. You may decide to combine it with an item from the traditional list as well.


We hope these suggestions will help you...

Silverware Napkin Rings

Look for silver napkin rings to purchase as an anniversary gift. These may not come out very often, but will give the table that finished look on a special occasion.


Get the couple interested in creating their own silverware collection by purchasing 'Collecting Small Silverware' by Stephen Helliwell. Buy a small collectible to go with the gift.

Silver Cruet Sets

Buy a silver or silver plated cruet set for the happy couple. Plenty to choose from in modern and antique designs. Every time you go to dinner they will have to get it out to use.

Silver Cutlery

A canteen of silver or silver plated cutlery makes a very nice gift for the happy couple. Check to make sure they haven't already got one.

silver goblet set

Silver Goblet Set

For the couple who enjoy a glass of wine. A silver goblet set engraved with the anniversary would make an interesting gift and a wonderful talking point for their guests should they ever decide to use them.

Photo Frame for A 5th Anniversary Gift

Purchase a photo frame that is framed in silver or silver plate. Enclose a recent photo of the couple so that it is use immediately. This will make it a special 5th anniversary gift.

Valentine Banner 2012

Bud Vase

A suitable gift for this anniversary would be a bud vase. Check that the item is able to hold water and purchase a single rose to go in it.


Candlesticks to adorn a table or mantle shelf make a pleasing gift. Don't forget to buy the candles and some matches to go with them. Useful for a power cut as well.

Tea Service

Silver tea services are available in sterling silver or silver plate. An ideal gift for an older couple.

Silverware Clock

This is a fun item and would make a unique gift for the couple for their kitchen. The twelve numbers are replaced by utensils or similar items.

Facts about Silverware

The informal term silverware is used to cover any of numerous household items. Ranging from candlesticks, cutlery, cruet sets and tea sets made of sterling silver or silver plate.

Silverware is also the term given to sporting trophies given as prizes.

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