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4th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Fruit or Flowers


fruit and flowers


Traditionally the 4th wedding anniversary gift in Britain is fruit or flowers. In the USA this anniversary is celebrated with silk or linen . Choosing those unique anniversary gifts need not be limited.



We hope these suggestions will help you...

Fruit Baskets

Make them as simple or as exotic as you like. Look out for the unusual fruits that might be in season and add these to the basket. Do not make the basket to large as the person receiving the gift may not be able to eat all the fruit in it.


Made with fruit, select the couples favorite one. Or find an unusual one such as an organic or vegetarian wine.

Flowering Plants

A selection of flowering plants for the couples garden may make a suitable gift. Find plants that will come up year after year as a reminder to the couple of your 4th wedding anniversary gift to them.

Fruit Bushes

Some people enjoy growing their own fruit and vegetables and even if they don't have any you could consider purchasing a fruit bush to go in the garden, for this anniversary. There are fruit bushes available that may be grown in containers on patios.

Flowers For A 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift

fruit roses


There are many bouquets to choose from. Make it special by having berries (fruit) incorporated into the bouquet. Or view these roses made with fruit.

Garden Plants

Buy plants to go in the garden. Make sure they are hardy and then they will come up each year.

Anniversary Trees

Plant a fruit tree on your anniversary and harvest the fruit each year. Remember you may need to wait a few years before the trees fruit.

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Glacé Fruits

Buy a box of glacé fruits. They look attractive and are delicious to eat. Check the couple able to eat them as the fruits are high in sugar.


Smoothie Maker

Ideal for making your favorite fruit smoothies. A nice way to start the morning and get in all those portions of fruit and veg that help to keep us healthy.

Facts about Flowers

A flower is the reproductive system of many plants. The flower contains the plants organs which when fertilized will become fruit containing seeds.


Facts about Fruit

Fruit is usually the ripened seed of a flowering plant. In many cases the seeds are protected by a soft tissue which surrounds it entirely. It is the soft flesh we consume as fruit. Other times it is the seed within the soft tissue which we eat, such as nuts.

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