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4th Anniversary Gifts - Linen


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Linen is traditionally given in the USA as 4th anniversary gifts. In Britain this would be given on the twelfth anniversary.

The modern anniversary list has linen given as a gift for the 8th year of marriage. Silk is also given as a fourth and twelfth wedding anniversary gift in the USA.

We hope these suggestions will help you...

Linen Table Cloths

Table cloth and napkin sets can often be found made out of linen. Look for ones that match the home color scheme of the people you are buying for. Buy a set of napkin rings to complete the gift.

Bed Linen

This is not strictly made from linen, but is referred to as bed linen. Buy Egyptian cotton bed sets with a 600 or 800 count for luxury at bed time.

Linen Suits

Purchase a linen suit for the man in your life. Ideal for very hot weather, they will help to keep him cool. Linen suits are also available for women and with the technology today the fabric does not crease as much.

Linen Basket

Not necessarily made of linen, baskets come in all shapes and sizes to store that dirty washing out of site. Find a linen basket that becomes part of the decor and not just something to put your dirty washing in.

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Look out for perfume with linen as part of the name. Enclose the gift in a linen lined box. You may decide to wrap the item in a linen tea cloth. This would certainly be a different way of giving a gift.

Linen Photo Albums Are Ideal For 4th Anniversary Gifts

There are a selection of photo albums that are covered with linen. Include a photo of the couple on their wedding day when presenting the gift.

Information About Linen

Linen is made from the flax plant. It has been used for clothing, table and bed coverings for centuries. Flax is difficult to weave because of its lack of elasticity. This makes it more expensive to manufacture than cotton.

The benefits of linen however, are unmatched as linen products will last up to 20 years. Linen is a stronger, sturdier fabric than cotton due to the parallel arrangement of its fibers. In addition, linen has a high absorbency, perfect for dish towels, table cloths and napkins in every day use.

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