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45th Wedding Anniversary - Sapphire


sapphire rings

Choosing a 45th wedding anniversary gift, may seem very limited. It is traditional to give a sapphire gift on this anniversary and a blue sapphire on the 65th wedding anniversary. The 5th and and 70th anniversaries also have the sapphire as their gemstone.

The sapphire is also given for the birthstone month of September. Take a look at this page and others for more ideas for that unique gift.

We hope these suggestions will help you...

Sapphire Bookmarks

Give the couple a matching pair of bookmarks st with sapphire colored stones. They will never loose the place in a book again and at the same time they will think of the person who gave them the gift.

sapphire colored flower

Sapphire Flowers

Purchase a bouquet with sapphire colored flowers. As sapphires come in many colors there should be plenty of choice.

Sapphire Jewelry For A 45th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Buy jewelry set with sapphires. Create your own to make it more personal. There are jewelers who will make unique pieces for you. All you have to so is pick the stone and then decide on a suitable setting for it. Click on the link below to create your own special piece for this anniversary.

Gemstone Jewelry at Manufacturer Prices

Sapphire Cuff Links

How about buying a nice set of sapphire cuff links with a tie pin to match? You may wish to purchase a pale blue shirt to go with the gift.

Sapphire Plant

If the couple have a garden look for plants that are named 'Sapphire'. You should be able to find a few that make ideal 45th wedding anniversary gifts.

Bombay Sapphire

Buy the happy couple a bottle of Bombay Sapphire to help celebrate the anniversary. Buy the lemon and tonic to go with it just in case there is none in the house.

Engraved Glass

Why not buy the happy couple a glass bowl? Have it engraved with their names and date of their wedding anniversary.

Books with Sapphire in the Title

Look out for DVDs with sapphire in their title. There are a few to be found and you may be able to buy one suitable for both to read.

Sapphire DVD

Find a DVD with sapphire in its title and give this to the couple as an anniversary present. Check that they will enjoy it before you buy it for them.

How Are Sapphires Formed?

Sapphires are formed from a mineral known as corundum, the single-crystal form of aluminum oxide. It can be found naturally as gemstones or may be manufactured in large crystal balls for a variety of applications. Sapphire includes any gemstone varieties of the mineral corundum excluding the red ruby.

Sapphire is most commonly blue but also occurs as green, orange, pink, purple, yellow, color shift and white. A sapphire colored orange-red is sometimes called a padparadsha.

Blue sapphires have a wide range of shades. Titanium and iron inclusions within the aluminum oxide are responsible for the various shades of blue. Some stones do not contain much titanium and iron so show tones of gray. Almost all sapphires are heated to a temperature of 3000°C to give the stone a better color.

Traditionally most sapphires have been mined in Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Myanmar.

Sapphires have a hardness of 9.0 on the Mohs scale and are perfect for faceted gemstones.

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