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35th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Jade


Jade Buddha

Choosing a 35th wedding anniversary gift need not be challenging. It is traditional to give a jade gift on this anniversary. Jade is also the gemstone that may be given on the 3rd and 12th anniversary.
Coral may also be given as a gift on this anniversary in the USA and Britain.



We hope these suggestions will help you...

Chinese Jade Puzzle Ball

Purchase a Chinese puzzle ball. Very tactile and a great ornamental talking point. Chinese jade differs from European jade and are highly polished green stones that are referred to as jade in China.

jade brooch

Jade Jewelry for Her

There are many different types of jade jewelry are available from rings and necklaces to beautiful pendants and brooches.

Jade Jewelry for Him

There are cuff-links, tie pins and the like available in jade for him. Make the gift more special by including a bottle of wine in a jade colored bottle. Click on the link below to create your own beautiful jewelry.

Gemstone Jewelry at Manufacturer Prices

Jade Carvings

These range from Buddha figures to lucky talismans. You could give a figure representing the animal for the Chinese year.

Jade Chess sets

A good talking point and useful for when you want a battle of wits with your partner (!)

A Holiday to the Orient

As good an excuse as any for visiting the source of this gift. Visit a few places by going on a tour of the Orient.

35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Of Jade Chopsticks

For the couple who enjoy Chinese takeaways purchase them their very own jade chopsticks to use. They may even invite you to join them when they have their first take away using them.

Jade Golf Tees

If the couple enjoy playing golf why not buy them a set of jade golf tees? They are sure to be a talking point whilst playing a round of golf.

Interesting Facts About Jade

Jade is an ornamental stone which is exceptionally tough. Its first use was in making knives weapons and axe heads.

Nephrite jade can be found in a creamy white form as well as a green color, while jadeite shows more color variation. Jadeite is the rarer of the two forms of jade, and is the form mostly used in Central America. Nephrite jade was used mostly in New Zealand and China.

Jade is the official stone of British Columbia where it is found in large deposits.

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