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30th Wedding Anniversary - Pearl



Choosing a 30th wedding anniversary gift may seem very challenging. But there are some out there. It is traditional to give a pearl gift on this anniversary. In the modern anniversary list the 12th anniversary gift is also pearl. The pearl is also recognized as the gemstone for the 3rd wedding anniversary.

The birthstone month of June also uses a pearl for its gift. Take a look at this page for more gift ideas.

We hope these suggestions will help you...

We have created a US Pearl Gift store at Amazon.com and a European Pearl Gift store at Amazon.co.uk. You may purchase gifts with all the usual security features of Amazon. For a more detailed selection of 30th wedding anniversary gifts please take a look at the Amazon.com store.


There are pieces of music available that mention 'pearl' in the title. The 'Pearl Fishers Duet' by Georges Bizet may be a suitable piece of music to give the happy couple celebrating this their 30th wedding anniversary.

Pearl Flowers

Purchase a bouquet with cream or pale peach flower heads. Always lots to choose from no matter what the season. Click on the link to view flowers that may be suitable to give as a gift.

Oyster Shell

Buy an oyster shell with the pearl still in it. Often sold as a kit with a gold or silver chain. Lots of fun and a nice surprise when a large pearl is revealed.

Gemstone Jewelry at Manufacturer Prices

Cuff Links

How about buying a nice set of mother of pearl (nacre) cuff links for the man in your life? Purchase a matching tie pin to go with them. Or place the cuff links on a shirt for the lucky man.

pearls in a jewelry box

Pearl Jewelry For A 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Look out for earrings and pendants. You may like to purchase a pearl choker for your wife. Remember some people may be superstitious about receiving pearls. Create your own jewelry by clicking on the link below.

Silver Watch with Pearl Inlay

Buy the lady a silver watch with the face inlaid with mother of pearl. If the watch is silver and the person usually wears gold you may end up buying other items of jewelry to go with it.

DVD with Pearl in the Title

Select a DVD as a gift with the word 'pearl' in its title. To make it more special buy a bottle of wine to have whilst watching the Film.

Pearl Anniversary Rose

Purchase a 'pearl anniversary' rose to plant in the garden. Lots of pretty pink flowers each year to remind the couple of their anniversary.

Mother of Pearl Coasters

Coasters inlaid with mother of pearl make an ideal gift. A bottle of wine to go with them along with glasses would make a very special gift for the couple.

Facts about Pearl

A pearl is a rounded, hard object formed inside the shell of bivalve molluscs such as oysters. Pearls can be used in jewelry but may also be crushed into cosmetics or paint. Pearl is valued as a gemstone and is cultivated or harvested for jewelry.

Pearls are formed in response to an irritating object such as a tiny fish, grain of sand or crab inside the mollusc. Making it deposit layers of calcium carbonate in the form of the minerals aragonite or calcite. These are held together by an organic horn-like compound called conchiolin.

Pearls are usually white, sometimes with a creamy or pinkish tinge, but may be tinted with yellow, green, blue, brown, purple, or black. Black pearls, often referred to as Black Tahitian Pearls are highly valued because of their rarity.

The iridescence that some pearls display is caused by the overlapping of successive layers, which breaks up light falling on the surface.

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