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25th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Silver


SIlver Teapot gift

It is traditional to give a silver gift for the 25th wedding anniversary. This anniversary is also known as the silver wedding anniversary. There are many suitable gifts out there to choose from. You could also give gifts that are silver colored, silvered plated or have silver in the name.


We hope these suggestions will help you...

Tea Set

A silver tea set makes a very appropriate anniversary gift. You can make a separate gift of the tea service to go with it.

Books With Silver In Title

There are several books written that have 'Silver' as the title or as part of it. All written by different people, so a wide range of subjects to be found. Pick a book that might be a suitable read for the couple celebrating this anniversary.

Silver Flowers For A 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift

silver roses


Purchase a bouquet made of silver flowers. The flower heads have been made from silver ribbon.

Take a look at this link to view silver roses and other gifts that may be suitable for this anniversary.



Silver Rose

Buy a real rose that has been dipped in silver. Very unique and every rose will be different.

Silver Edged China

How about a new tea service edged in silver. Your family may like to help you collect the rest and turn it into a complete dinner service.

Silver Charm Bracelet

Give your wife a charm bracelet. Make it special by buying a couple of charms to go on it. Then add to it when you visit places. Every charm will then hold a special memory.


Buy his and her silver watches. Choose them together so that you both get ones you like.


Purchase a canteen of cutlery made out of silver. Or maybe silver plated, depending on how much you want to spend.

Anniversary Mugs

Purchase a pair of mugs that have been made for this special anniversary. Ideal for a couple who enjoy a mug of tea or coffee.

silver cuff links

Cuff Links

Purchase silver cuff links and a tie pin to match. Maybe buy a shirt and tie so that they can be worn on the anniversary.


Jewelry always makes a good gift for a woman and the choice is endless. With many designer pieces made from silver it should not be difficult to find something suitable. You may decide to go for something completely different. Why not consider having a photograph of the family placed within a piece of jewelry? Click on the link below to find out how this is achieved.


Silver Wedding Rose

Buy the happy couple a silver wedding rose to plant in their garden. It will be there for many years to remind them of the happy day.

There are more 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas on the sterling silver page. Take a look at this page by clicking on the link.

Valentine Banner 2012

Silver Sixpence

Find a silver sixpence and present this to the couple on their anniversary. The sixpence is supposed to bring luck to the person receiving the gift.

Information On Silver

Silver is a chemical element with the symbol Ag. A soft white lustrous metal, silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal. It occurs in its natural state and in minerals.

Silver is used for jewelry, coins, tableware, photography and as the reflective material of mirrors. Silver may also be found in clothing as a way of keeping odors to a minimum.

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