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20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - China


China Tea Cup

It is traditional to give china as 20th wedding anniversary gifts. In the modern anniversary list china is given as a 2nd anniversary gift. Choosing china gifts may see you having a smashing time. Not literally I hope!

We hope these suggestions will help you...

China Flowers

china roses

Purchase a bouquet that has the flower heads made out of china. Some of the famous potteries also produce pieces with flower bouquets on them which may be suitable for the couple you are purchasing the gift for.

Vacation to China

Enjoy a trip to China and whilst there you could pick up some china pieces to take home as a keepsake. Visit the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Army. An experience of a life time.

China Cup and Saucer

Purchase a pair of commemorative cups and saucers. These are available for various celebrations so you should be able to purchase suitable 20th wedding anniversary gifts for the couple.

Flowers in a China Vase

Purchase a bouquet of flowers and place them in a suitable china vase. The person you are giving them to will not need to find a vase to place them in. The flowers as they have not been out of water for too long should have a longer life.

China Commemorative Items

There are many different types of commemorative items available such as plates and vases. You could have them personalized with the names and date.


Start a collection by purchasing a collectible figurine. There are many different ones to choose from. Find a local auction house and see if they are selling any collectible figurines that might have some age. Avoid any piece that is damaged as you are giving it as a gift.

China / Ceramic Picture Frames

There are companies that provide ceramic / china picture frames. Some even personalize them. These will look great with that special photograph.

china tea cup

China Tea Service

Treat yourselves to a new dinner or tea service. Let the family help by adding pieces to the collection.


Porcelain Dolls

Give something different. Find a collectible porcelain doll. It may be that only the head hands and feet are made of porcelain.

China Mugs

Many different mugs available. These include mugs that you are able to decorate yourself. You may wish to purchase a commemorative mug celebrating an occasion from the year the couple married or the year of their 20th wedding anniversary. If the couple are keen gardeners then there are mugs that have coasters which are designed to cover the mug to stop insects etc. falling in the mug whilst you are doing the necessary work to the plants.

Valentine Banner 2012

Afternoon Tea

Surprise the happy couple by taking them to a restaurant or hotel that serves afternoon teas. Served on their very best china with music played, which is often live, creates a great atmosphere for this special occasion.

Chinese Meal

Treat yourselves to a Chinese meal, a slightly different China, but fun all the same. Invite your family and friends to join in the celebration.

Facts about China

Fine china is known as porcelain or bone china. Bone china is produced by adding bone ash to china clay. China clay largely contains the mineral kaolin.

Porcelain is used to make wares for the table and kitchen, sanitary wares, decorative wares, and objects of fine art. Its high resistance to the passage of electricity makes porcelain an excellent insulating material. Porcelain is also used in dentistry to make false teeth, caps and crowns.

The earliest porcelains originated in China possibly around 25-220 AD.

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