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15th Year Anniversary Gifts - Watches


his and her watches


There are several different kinds of watches for those 15th year anniversary gifts. Watches represent this year in the modern anniversary list. A suitable gift for a couple celebrating this anniversary as you could purchase a matching set.


We hope these suggestions will help you...

Sports Watch

For the keen sports person a nice sports watch may be suitable. There are many different types and some are waterproof so that you may go swimming and snorkeling with it on.

Fob Watch

Buy your wife a pretty fob watch that she will be happy to wear. Many different ones to choose from and some are as decorative as a brooch.

pocket watch

Pocket Watch

Treat your husband to a pocket watch. Very useful to place on the table when timing a meeting. Looks good as well.

Wrist Watches Make Ideal 15th Year Anniversary Gifts

Thousands of designs to choose from. Some are made of precious metal such as gold, others are set with precious stones. You may decide to buy his and her watches made by one of the famous names. What ever you decide on you should never be late for that special date.

Chronograph Watch

Buy the sports person in your life a chronograph watch. It acts as a stopwatch as well and they will be able to time any of their training sessions.

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Character Watches

Watches are available with cartoon characters on the face. If the person you are buying for has a favorite, why not buy one of these? It will make a good talking point for their friends.

Facts about Watches

Watches first appeared in the 15th century in Europe. It was in the 17th century that they were regularly worn in pockets and known as pocket watches.

In 1657 the watch became more accurate with the addition of a balance spring to the balance wheel. This meant the watches time was no longer out by hours but minutes. A minute hand was then added to the watch around 1680 in Britain and in France about 1700 and this meant that the watch was even more accurate.

Elizabeth I of England is thought to have received an arm watch from Robert Dudley around 1571. Wrist watches where more commonly worn by women, whilst men preferred to wear pocket watches until the early 20th century.

In 1969 the watch industry was revolutionized by the introduction of the quartz resonator witch vibrated at 8,192 Hz per second. By the early 1980's quartz watches had become the norm, with fewer mechanical (wind up watches) being made.

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