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15th Wedding Anniversary - Crystal


gemstones in rock

It is traditional to give crystal gifts for the 15th wedding anniversary. Crystal is given as the modern gift for the 3rd year of marriage. Choosing crystal gifts may see you purchasing something special.


We hope these suggestions will help you...

Grow Your Own Crystals

There are many varieties to choose from. Some come in special jars so that you can keep them safe, as they are often very fragile.


Purchase a single crystal rose. Very elegant and will look good in a bud vase. Click this link to view crystal roses and other gifts suitable for this anniversary.

Swarovski Crystal For A 15th wedding Anniversary Gift

There are lots to choose from in all kinds of shapes, sizes and designs. Does your partner collect anything or have a hobby? Try to find a crystal to match!


glass vase

Purchase a crystal Vase. Look out for the crystal containing 24% lead as this will have more sparkle. Buy a few flowers to go in the vase.

Click on the link to view glass vases.

Gem Stones

These are crystals. So why not treat that special person to a diamond ring? Or maybe they have other gems that they prefer!

Crystal Heart

Buy a beautiful crystal heart for your wife. The crystal when placed so that the sunlight shines on it will produce wonderful rainbow patterns on the walls.

Click on this link to view other crystal weight ideas.

Ice Bucket

Buy a crystal ice bucket and have it engraved with their anniversary. Buy a nice bottle of wine or champagne to go in it and the gift is sure to be well received.


Crystal glasses always make an ideal gift. You may wish to have them engraved, especially if they match the ice bucket. Cut crystal glasses are always useful to have for those occasions when you want to impress your visitors.


Find pieces of music with 'crystal' in their title or the singers name. 'The Gift of Love' by Crystal Hogan is one that may be an appropriate gift.

Valentine Banner 2012


An ideal gift for the couple that has lots of paperwork to contend with. Or they make a good item for someone to start collecting. Crystal paperweights often come engraved with an anniversary or sport on them.

Crystal Information

There are many forms of crystal to be found in nature. Diamonds, salt and snowflakes are all examples of crystals.

Lead oxide is added to molten glass to give a much higher index of refraction than normal glass, thus creating 'lead crystal'. Therefore pieces made from lead crystal have a greater sparkle to them.

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