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14th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Ivory


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Choosing ivory for 14th wedding anniversary gifts need not be difficult and it needn't be the real thing.

If you wish to buy real ivory check the age of the piece and make sure it is old enough to be a piece imported years ago when there were no restrictions. You will also need to consider that other countries may have imposed tougher restrictions on purchasing ivory. Therefore it is important that you check these before you buy or send your gift.

We hope these suggestions will help you...

Ivory Knitwear

Purchase ivory colored knitwear for the couple. It needn't be big items, a hat and scarf set for each person might be well received.

Ivory Flowers

ivory roses

Buy your wife a bouquet where the heads look like ivory. The heads of the flowers have been made from a hard ivory colored material.

Click on this link to view the ivory colored roses. Or why not buy a bouquet of ivory (cream) colored flowers?


Ivory Stationery For 14th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Why not buy an ivory colored stationery set? Have it personalized to make it special.

Ivory Colored Alpaca Wrap

Buy your wife a beautiful ivory colored alpaca wrap. This will help to keep her warm in the cold winter months.


Pianos used to have keys made of ivory. Nowadays they are made from a synthetic material. Why not buy the would be musician in your life a piano or keyboard?

Ivory Jewelry

Ivory jewelry, no not the real stuff. How about buying ivory colored pearls. You could purchase rings, earrings, pendants and brooches all with pearls incorporated in them.

David Shepherd Prints

Purchase a David Shepherd print of an elephant to hang on your wall. A good talking point for all those visitors you get.

Ivory Cutlery Set

Boxed sets are available with handles that are an ivory color. Depending on the price of the set it will either be presented in a wooden or cardboard box.

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Facts about Ivory

Ivory is a hard, white, opaque substance that makes up the teeth and tusks of certain animals such as elephants, hippopotamus and walrus. Originally it was used for billiard balls, piano keys, bagpipes and ornamental items.

Due to the rapid decline in the population of the animals that produce ivory, the importation and sale of ivory in many countries is banned or severely restricted. It is now legal to buy and sell antique ivory in some countries.

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