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13th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Lace


lace doily

Choosing lace as a 13th wedding anniversary gift need not be difficult. Lace may also be given on the 8th wedding anniversary in the modern list. In Britain, linen may also be used as a gift.



We hope the following suggestions will help you...

Lace Tablecloths

Lace tablecloths are available with just the corners made of lace or the whole item may be lace produced on a machine. Also available in tray size. Often very decorative and would make an ideal 13th wedding anniversary gift.

Lace Flowers As A 13th Wedding Anniversary Gift

lace flowers

Buy your wife a bouquet made of lace. Each individual head has been made of lace. Click on this link to view pretty lace roses



Belgium Lace

How about arranging a surprise holiday to Belgium to see the lace being made. Have a weekend or week away in Bruges, Belgium's little Venice as it is otherwise known.


Nottingham Lace

Treat your wife to some Nottingham lace. Many items are available that have been edged with the lace.

Ladies Handkerchiefs

Often found with pretty lace edges or just the corners done in lace. These would make an ideal gift for the older person.

Vacation to Nottingham

Take a vacation in England and visit Nottingham for a few days. See the lace being made in the traditional way and visit the surrounding areas whilst there.

Lazy Susan

Purchase a Lazy Susan which is glass and has a lace design within it. A useful as well as decorative object for any table.

Filigree Jewelry

This style of jewelry is often made out of silver or gold and very delicate. Often filigree jewelry is handcrafted meaning that often there are slight differences between the pieces. These pieces of jewelry would make an ideal 13th wedding anniversary gift for the lady.

Garden Plants

Look out for plants with 'lace' in their name such as the geranium 'Lace Time'. Geraniums if grown in a mild climate will often survive year after year.

Valentine Banner 2012

Gold flowers

Maybe you want something a little different. The heads of the flowers have been made of lace and are a gold color.

Click on this link to view pretty lace roses.

Facts about Lace

Lace is a lightweight fabric, patterned with holes, made by hand or machine. The holes can be formed by the removal of threads from a previously woven fabric, but is more commonly made when open spaces are created as part of the lace fabric.

Handmade lace is made using bobbins. The pattern followed is on a piece of paper under the work. The person making the lace carefully follows this and places the occasional pin to hold the lace in place.

Originally gold, silver, or linen threads were used to make lace. Nowadays handmade lace is often made from cotton thread. Manufactured lace may be made of synthetic fiber for durability.

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