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12th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Silk


silk ties


Traditionally 12th wedding anniversary gifts in the USA and Britain are made of silk. In the USA silk is also given on the 4th wedding anniversary.


We hope these suggestions will help you...

Silk Painting Sets

This would make a unique gift for the person who likes being creative. Silk scarves and ties are available along with special paints to create stunning master pieces. Unique to the person applying the paints.

Silk Flowers

silk flowers

Buy your wife flowers made from silk. Being made of silk they have a unique luster to them. Take a look at these silk flowers and other silk gifts by clicking on the link.



Silk Bedding for 12th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases are all available in silk. The advantage of silk is that it is light and has the property of being cool in summer and warm in winter. Allowing for a more comfortable night.

Silk Pajamas

The ultimate in sleep wear. Why not buy yourselves a matching set? Team them up with other 4th/12th anniversary gifts.

Silk Fan

There are many decorative fans available to purchase and these make an unusual anniversary gift. Ideal as a decorative item to hang on the wall. Or use it in hot weather to keep yourself cool.

Silk Underwear

Available in both mens and womens wear. Silk underwear has the unique property in being warm to wear in winter but cool in summer.

silk balls

Silk Blouse

Purchase silk blouses or shirts for each other. Ideal for that romantic holiday you have just booked to celebrate your 4th/12th wedding anniversary.


Silk duvets are available in various weights and are the ultimate in giving you a good nights sleep. Silk has a breath ability that gives it the ability to control the body's temperature. Ensuring you are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This could be a joint gift to yourselves as you will both benefit from it.

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Silk scarves are available in many colors. Often with a pattern made up of bright colors, so it is important to choose the scarf carefully. Use the scarf to wrap another gift up that you are giving as a gift. This is the Japanese art of gift wrapping known as Furoshiki.

Information About Silk

Silk is made from the cocoons of silkworm larvae reared in captivity, mainly feeding on leaves from the Mulberry tree. Silk has a shimmering appearance due to its fibers having a prism like structure allowing light to be refracted at different angles.

Possibly as early as 6000 BC silk was found in China. Its texture and luster meant silk rapidly became a popular luxury fabric.

Silk is cool to wear in summer and warm in winter. Making it ideal for bed-ware.

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