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10th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Tin


Tin cars

Choosing a 10th wedding anniversary gift may be challenging but can be achieved easily with a little thought. Gifts range from jewelry to pots and pans and even tins of food might be considered. In the USA you may also give aluminum as a traditional gift.


We hope these suggestions will help you...

Tin Jewelry

There are jewelers that specialize in tin jewelry. You will find pretty necklaces, earrings and bracelets for women or cuff links and tie pins for men. Often the jeweler will sell other gifts with a tin theme so there should be plenty of choice when deciding what to buy.

Celebration Tins

Celebration tins to mark the Olympic Games and Queen Elizabeth 2nd's Diamond Jubilee may make suitable gifts for this anniversary.

Tin of Chocolates

Why not buy a tin of chocolates beautifully presented in a tin? Add a bottle of champagne to them and make it something special.

Tin Box For A 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Buy an attractive tin and fill it with gifts you know the person or couple will enjoy. Wrap the gift in foil gift wrap and add a large bow.

tin jewelry box

Tin Jewelry Boxes

There are several different tin jewelry boxes available to purchase. Choose one that will be suitable for the person and maybe place a piece of jewelry in the box before giving it as a gift.


Alcohol is often presented in tin containers. Look out for the collectible ones to make the gift special.

You may be able to find a gift by clicking on the link below.


Create a luxury hamper with tins of food. Buy items that they would not normally purchase on an everyday basis.

Cornish Jewelry

Made from Cornish tin the jewelry often has a Celtic look to it. For men you will find cuff links and tie pins. Ladies have the choice of pendants, chokers, earrings and rings.

tin crab


Often described as collectors items, tin toys are available new or old. Purchasing a 10th wedding anniversary gift made of tin may be easier if you know the couples likes and dislikes.

Cornish Bookmarks

Cornish tin bookmarks would make ideal gifts for the couple celebrating this anniversary. A useful gift they would be able to place in any future books they read. You may wish to get a couple of books to go with the bookmarks so that they can be used straight away.

Collectible Boxes

Often made from steel but referred to as tin, these make an ideal gift that could be used as a repeatable gift. Often companies will produce a box to commemorate an anniversary or special event filled with sweets, drink or biscuits. You may be able to pick up old boxes at an antique auction. Some of the older ones may go for a bit of money depending on what they are.

Luxury Biscuits

Purchase a tin of luxury biscuits for the couple. This need only be a small part of the gift. If you wish to make it bigger add a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine.

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Facts about Tin

Tin is a very poor malleable metal which is not easily oxidized in air and resists corrosion. It is therefore used to coat other metals to prevent corrosion. Tin plated steel containers are widely used to store food.

Tin is one of the earliest metals known and was used as early as 3,500BC in bronze implements.

In 1998 the last Cornish tin mine at South Crofty near Camborne, in the UK, closed after 4000 years of mining.

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